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3 Cryptos That Could Turn $1,000 into $10,000 by 2025

The top cryptos in terms of market capitalization are unlikely to deliver 10x returns by 2025. That’s mostly because such returns would essentially result in cryptos with trillion-dollar market capitalizations. However, there are still promising projects with the potential to do so. I believe many of the smaller and more speculative names have the potential to turn $1,000 into $10,000 in less than two years. That is, if a new crypto rally occurs following a highly-anticipated Bitcoin (BTC-USD) halving and a slowing of interest rate hikes in the foreseeable future.

Of course, there’s significant speculation involved if you’re going for such high gains. The top cryptos are likely to return ~200% or more if they reach new all-time highs in the next rally with a fraction of the risk that lesser-known cryptos carry. Thus, I’d strongly advise against putting a meaningful amount of money into high-risk, high-reward projects.

Still, if you’re looking to gamble some pocket change, here are the top three cryptos to invest in for disproportionate gains.

AZERO-USD Aleph Zero $1.06
RNDR-USD Render Token $2.67
XRP-USD Ripple/XRP $0.45

Aleph Zero (AZERO-USD)

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Aleph Zero (AZERO-USD) looks like a crypto project that has the ingredients it needs to become the next Solana (SOL-USD) or Avalanche (AVAX-USD). It comes with the usual “Ethereum (ETH-USD)-killer” features such as a high TPS count, low fees, and a lower blockchain finality. But what really piques my interest here is that it also supports IPFS file storage, private transactions, and Substrate integration.

Combining all of these features with the near-instant finality and its claimed 100,000 TPS makes it a very well-rounded blockchain. And as an added plus, it is also peer-reviewed.

However, there is one big con that I would like to point out. Aleph Zero only has 122 validators, which is much lower than Ethereum’s 709,000 on the Beacon chain and Solana’s 3,400 validators. Thus, the centralization here is concerning.

Render Token (RNDR-USD)

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Render Token (RNDR-USD) looks a little hot at its current price. Thus, I would consider waiting a few weeks before buying it.

However, even from its current price, I believe 10x returns could be in the cards due to the utility of this project. In simple terms, the Render Network buys GPU computing power from individuals worldwide. The project then resells that power in bulk to institutions or individuals that require a lot of computing power. It’s an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to accommodate the growth we’ve been seeing in GPU power demand. But it will require a lot more attention and adoption before the project really takes off.

I first recommended buying RNDR in March at the $1.20 range, before changing my recommendation to a sell in late April at the $2.37 range. It cooled off again, and my last buy recommendation was in the $1.90 range in April. It currently trades at around $2.52, but I believe waiting for an entry point of ~$2 would be the best call. However, if you wish to hold until 2025, now is also a good time.


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The last pick here is XRP (XRP-USD) and if you’ve been up-to-date on crypto news, you likely know why. If not, here’s an article I wrote recently on the latest developments regarding XRP.

Naturally, it’s a very risky bet, especially in this environment. And many would also say that a 10x in two years is a very ambitious target, as it already has a $23.6 billion market cap. It’s more on the unlikely side, but if the stars align, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility.

First, XRP would have to win its case with the SEC. That should not only let it expand its existing partnerships with many big-name banks, but bring other traditional financial leaders on board. It could also compel many other countries to start considering Ripple’s technology for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Second, if the Bitcoin halving and Fed interest cuts do overlap with this case victory. A potential rally would be massive here.

Small, low-volume cryptos

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