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Apple’s New Headset Launch Could Spur Major VR Stock Growth

Apple (AAPL) just launched its first major new product in over a decade, at a time when everyone’s buzzing about artificial intelligence (AI). And we think that combination could spark a huge rally in a small group of tech stocks.

The logic is pretty straightforward.

Earlier this week, Apple debuted its Vision Pro, a next-generation mixed-reality headset. It’s the company’s first major product launch since the iPhone was released back in 2007.

Source: Apple

Most reactions to the Vision Pro have focused on its exorbitant price point. Indeed, at $3,499, it certainly isn’t cheap. But it also isn’t just another headset.

A New VR Experience

Technically speaking, it represents a total “level up” from the VR headsets currently on the market, like Meta’s Oculus. You can do so much more with Vision Pro.

In fact, Apple isn’t even calling it a VR headset. It’s calling it a “spatial computer” to differentiate the product from the rest of the VR world.

You can enjoy both AR and VR experiences. You can control everything with your hands and gestures. And the headset boasts a better-than-4k screen resolution for each eye.

None of that was possible before the Vision Pro.

So, yes, the headset is expensive. But it is also absurdly high-quality.

Why does any of this matter for investors?

Because coupled with the current AI boom, this product launch will fuel a similar boom in VR stocks.

At $3,499, the Vision Pro won’t become ubiquitous. But it will generate significant interest in and engagement with extended reality content. And as wealthy folks shell out for this new tech, the average consumer will be watching from the sidelines. And that will drum up pent-up demand for a headset.

Apple will likely unlock all that pent-up demand with a cheaper headset launch in time; and that headset will become ubiquitous.

In other words, we now see a clear pathway to a headset making its way into every living room across America.

The Imminent Future of VR

Then what? Are all these headsets just going to collect dust?

No. But only because of AI.

AI has the power to create a high volume of hyperreal extended reality experiences. That is, Apple is making the hardware that will allow people to access XR environments, and AI will make all the content that people interact with while wearing those headsets.

Both the hardware and software sides of VR are about to get exponentially better. As the mechanics of VR improve, its adoption will increase. 

Source: Statista

This will create a boom in VR stocks.

We’ve already seen stocks like Roblox (RBLX) get a little boost from the Vision Pro launch. 

And it doesn’t stop with gaming. The AI and VR combination is helping all types of fields of business, ranging from education to fire fighting, medical, construction and more. 

But we think this is just the start.

The Final Word

Over the next few years, Apple will sell millions of mixed reality headsets. The number of people using VR every day will grow by hundreds of percent, and the amount of content in VR environments will grow just as much.

Apple’s headset is simply the spark that ignites the fuse. 

The result? Companies that make VR hardware and software are about to see a massive demand boom.

And VR stocks will soar – especially those with AI capabilities…

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On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.